Pools for Sloping Blocks Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Pools for Sloping Blocks

Even if your block is vertically challenged we can build you a stunning concrete pool.
As sloping sites can present site access challenges and engineering may be required,
our team will explain the process to you in-depth.

pools on sloping blocks Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Just because you have a sloping property doesn’t mean that you can’t have the swimming pool of your dreams. In fact, some of our most striking designs have made use of a slope. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you create stunning pools on sloping blocks.

Why Pools for Sloping Blocks

  • Negative edge, infinity and glass edge designs are recommended
  • Build up to the desired level with an out of ground pool
  • Landscaping services also include retaining walls and steps (a must for many sloped properties)
  • Make the most of your home’s stunning views
  • Any size or shape that you desire is possible
landscaping sloping block with swimming pool

The cost of your project will be determined by the steepness of your property, the quality of your soil and whether access is restricted or not. As we always begin with an onsite consultation, we will discuss your options and pinpoint ways to save costs early on in the project.


sloping block pool designs Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
pools on slopes Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
pools on sloped land Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
swimming pool on a slope Melbourne, Victoria, Australia