Our Services

We understand that a lot of factors go into creating an idyllic swimming experience, which is why we are committed to offering the full spectrum of pool services in Melbourne. From design and construction through to landscaping and various supplies, Eco Pools & Spas has got you covered!

pool design

We understand that you want your new pool to be a perfect match for your home and lifestyle, which is why we think custom designed is the way to go. Throughout the design process, we will liaise with you to ensure that the pool is perfectly positioned, sized and complemented by special features.

pool construction

Concrete pools require a considerable amount of construction, from excavation, spraying and pouring concrete to laying tiles and filling the shell with water. The good news is that the team at Eco Pools & Spas can handle the whole process for you, including obtaining soil reports and building permits (if required).

pool renovation

Is your swimming pool in need of a facelift? Have you recently moved into a home where the pool hasn’t been well cared for? With our renovation service, you can return it to its former glory! From replacing the interior of the shell to adding spas and steps, the sky is the limit!

pool landscaping

To ensure that your new pool works seamlessly with your property, we also offer landscaping services. From the careful selection of plants and fencing materials to the installation of lighting and water features, we can ensure that your landscape is the stunning oasis that you want it to be.

pool supplies

We can also provide a number of supplies that can enhance your swimming pool use, including: heaters, chemicals, pool covers, cleaners, filters, pumps and even automation systems. Our expert team can recommend which of these supplies will best meet your needs, as well as handle their installation.

Eco Pools & Spas offers a complete swimming pool service in Melbourne, giving you the ability to work with a single team of contractors instead of having to arrange multiple trades on your own. Our team has experience in a variety of areas, from design all the way through to gardening.

Ensuring that your new swimming pool is everything you imagined and more is important to us, which is why our team is committed to working with you every step of the way. From the initial consultation all the way to handover, you will be involved in the process of bringing the project to life.

We will guide you through everything you need to know, ensuring that your pool will offer many years of uninterrupted use.