CourtYard Swimming Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Courtyard Pools

Add some "WOW" factor to your small space with a courtyard swimming pool. Not only will your pool be a stand out, but it will
also be more economical to heat, clean and maintain, compared to it's larger counterparts.
If you've got a small space, we're up for the challenge!

Plunge Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - CourtYard Swimming Pools

Outdoor living is a crucial component of the Australian lifestyle but with homes becoming larger and blocks becoming smaller, finding the backyard space for a pool has become nearly impossible. The good news is that Eco Pools & Spas has the solution in stunning courtyard pools in Melbourne.

Why Courtyard Pools

  • Perfect solution for small properties
  • Can act like a spa with the installation of heating and jets
  • Can be used for exercise with the installation of swim jets (for resistance)
  • Additions can include: water features and feature tiling
  • Generally not as deep as standard pools – great for kids
small plunge pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - CourtYard Pools

Also known as plunge swimming pools, they are generally 4m to 6m long and 2m to 3m wide – offering ample space to jump in and cool off when the weather is warm without taking up too much valuable garden space. Many homeowners also choose to heat the water, allowing them to extend their swimming season.


small plunge pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - CourtYard Swimming Pools
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plunge pools for small spaces Melbourne, Victoria, Australia