Infinity Swimming Pool Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Infinity Pools

A.K.A Negative edge swimming pools are the ultimate in style and luxury.
Turn heads and add value to your home with a pool that produces the visual effect
of water extending to infinity.

resort-style concrete Infinity pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

For the ultimate in luxury swimming, we cannot more highly recommend infinity pools in Melbourne. They have one or more exposed walls that are a fraction shorter than the water level, allowing the water to constantly flow into a catch basin below. The water is then cycled back into the main pool shell. This requires professional expertise, which is why our team of infinity pool builders should be your first point of call.

Why Infinity Pools

  • Perfect solution for sloped properties
  • Create the optical illusion of water extending ‘infinitely’ to the horizon
  • Best choice for enjoying your property’s stunning views
  • The more space you have, the better it will look
  • Positive edge pools (not built on a slope) are also possible
disappearing edge concrete Infinity swimming pools - infinity edge pools

One reason that homeowners choose an infinity pool in Melbourne is that it gives their properties more of a grand, resort-style feel. To ensure that your pool offers you many years of uninterrupted use, our team of experienced infinity pool builders will undertake extensive structural and architectural engineering to ensure that everything is in order.