Inground swimming pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Inground Pools

Our creative team will present a newswimming pool design that is on trend,
whilst balancing aesthetics and function. Inground pools can be built
in a variety of shapes ensuring your pool fits perfectly with the available space.

Inground Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

One of the key factors behind the popularity of concrete inground pools in Melbourne is that they aren’t restricted in shape or size unlike fibreglass pools – the sky is the limit and any shape that you desire is possible. Whether you want us to build indoors or outdoors, in tight spaces or even on sloping blocks, we can make it happen.

Why Inground Pools

  • Complete control over the pool’s design
  • Any size, shape or depth that you desire is possible
  • Completely submerged shell makes for maximum durability
  • Water becomes the hero of the view
  • More features available than with out of ground counterparts
inground pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

As experienced inground swimming pool builders in Melbourne, we can completely customise your design – choose your desired depth, settle on a shape (rectangular, round or free form), and determine the perfect length and width. We can also include any number of additional features, from steps and seating through to swim-outs and concrete spas. If you can think it, we can build it!


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