Negative Edge Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Negative Edge Pools

There's definitely nothing negative about a negative edge swimming pool!
Just take a look at these gorgeous designs.
Be the envy of family & friends with an expertly designed, constructed and landscaped pool by Eco.

disappearing edge swimming pool Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - vanishing edge pools

Negative edge pools in Melbourne (also known as infinity, zero edge and vanishing edge swimming pools) are generally positioned towards the horizon, giving the impression that the water is simply flowing off into nothingness. In actual fact, water runs over the edge into a lower basin before being circulated back into the main shell.

Why Negative Edge Pools

  • Perfect solution for sloped properties
  • Make the most of your views – no obstructions
  • Ultimate in luxury, resort-style swimming
  • Merges with the horizon or water (if you have lake or ocean views)
  • Ideal when you have a lot of space to work with
vanishing edge pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - zero edge pool

These pools don’t always have to be positioned on the side of a hill, however – if you have fallen in love with the negative look, we can also build positive edge swimming pools, which sees the spill over facing your home or entertaining area (turning it into a feature of the design).