Pools & Spas

From creating your own personal oasis to cooling off during the harsh Australian summer, our skilled pool builders in Melbourne can design the pool of your dreams. Eco Pools & Spas has over 25 years experience providing clients, Victoria wide, with stunning concrete pool designs – be inspired by the possibilities...

courtyard Concrete pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

courtyard pools

If you have a small property but still dream of taking advantage of everything that comes with pool ownership, then a courtyard pool may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Designed for compact spaces, they fit perfectly within even the smallest of backyards – whilst adding value to your home at the same time.

concrete inground pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

inground pools

There is nothing quite like the aesthetic appeal and design freedom of an inground pool. They are designed to merge with the surrounding landscape seamlessly and help to maintain your property’s open feel, as the shell is completely submerged in the ground.

Concrete lap pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

lap pools

Sick of battling other swimmers at the local swimming hole when trying to get your workout in? Got a narrow backyard that doesn’t seem favourable to the addition of a pool? We have the solution – add a stunning lap pool! You will have ample space for practicing your freestyle and tumble turns.

Concrete Pools for sloping blocks Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Concrete Swimming Pools

Pools for Sloping Blocks

Have you always thought that your steep block meant that a pool is beyond your reach? Think again! We can create some amazing pools for sloping blocks, from negative edge and infinity designs that extend into nothingness to glass edge designs that enable you to take in your views to their fullest.

Concrete Pools for small areas Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Concrete Swimming Pools

Pools for Small Areas

Don’t let a small backyard keep you from your dream of enjoying your very own pools. We offer a variety of options when it comes to pools for small spaces, from narrow lap pools to wider courtyard pools, ensuring that small backyards of all shapes can be accommodated.

Indoor Concrete pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Indoor Pools

Offering the convenience to swim at all times of the day or night, no matter the whether, an indoor pool could be the premium addition your home has been waiting for. From brand new builds through to extensions, our team can help you to design the perfect complement for your home and property.

Out of ground Concrete pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Out of Ground Pools

More homeowners with sloped properties are interested in pool solutions, which has given rise to the popularity of out of ground pools. They are designed to blend with your surrounding landscape rather than stick out like a sore thumb – we will work with you to create a stunning design.

Concrete spa builders Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


From concrete pool and spa combinations to standalone spas, we have worked on them all. We understand there is nothing quite as luxurious as relaxing away in heated bubbles after a long day, which is why we are committed to helping you design a spa that ticks all of your boxes.

free form natural Concrete pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

free natural pools

Who said that square or rectangular pools were your only options? The great thing about concrete pools in Melbourne is that they can be formed in literally any shape you desire, including free form shapes that you don’t even have a name for. Our design will work with your property, not against it.

Infinity Concrete Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

infinity pools

Have you ever visited a luxury resort where the infinity eco pools seem to drop off into nothing or extend into the horizon? You can have the same luxury look at home with an infinity pool! These stunning designs are popular for sloping properties, as they allow you to make the most of your views.

Negative Edge Concrete Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

negative edge pools

Don’t let a sloping property prevent you from the joys of swimming! Our negative edge pools are perfect for such homes, as they usually protrude from the side of a hill and are predominately out of the ground. If you love the look of this pool but don’t have a slope, we have the solution in positive edge pools.

Glass Edge Concrete Pools Australia

glass edge pools

An affordable alternative to negative edge designs, glass edge pools allow you to achieve a negative look without the need for a basin. Whether you’re looking into the water from the outside or out of the water into your surrounding landscape, your views are sure to be seamless.

Why our concrete pools

There are a number of reasons why we recommend concrete pools in Melbourne over other materials, like vinyl and fibreglass:

  • Custom Design = Custom Shape
    One of the best things about working with concrete is that you have the freedom to completely customise the shape of your shell – you aren’t bound by the shapes offered by the manufacturer. Our free natural pools are very popular for this reason.
  • Concrete is a Durable Material
    A pool is a significant investment, so you want to ensure that it’s going to stand the test of time. This is a long lasting material that concrete pool builders in Melbourne have been working with for decades. Rest assured that it will be around for many years to come, even in Australia’s warmer climate.
  • Concrete Tends to Stay Cooler
    When you jump into your pool on a hot summers day, you want the water to be cool and refreshing. When you’ve chosen concrete, you can rest assured that the water is going to remain at a near perfect temperature. This is not the case when working with other materials.
  • Go Nuts with Customisation
    Concrete pools in Melbourne offer the flexibility to add waterfalls, fountains and other special features to your pool design. This can help you take the whole design from drab to fab, making the pool a real centrepiece of your backyard that draws the eye in.