Out of Ground Swimming Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Out of Ground Pools

Do you have sloping block?
Out of ground swimming pools offer a unique solution for blocks that are vertically challenged.
Our experienced team would build up the pool to meet the floor height of your home or backyard.

Above Ground Swimming Pools Victoria, Australia

Not to be confused with above ground pools, out of ground pools is typically built up to meet an existing deck, patio or even the floor height of your home. As such, this is a popular option for sloped properties. You will be able to see out across the surface of the water from your deck or home rather than looking down at it.

Why Out of Ground Pools

  • Connects seamlessly with your home and landscaping
  • Popular choice for sloping properties
  • Any size or shape that you desire is possible
  • Variety of finishes available for the external wall/s
  • Foundations can be added if the pool requires extra support
above ground plunge pool Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

There are a lot more structural considerations to keep in mind when building an out of ground swimming pool versus an inground one – they have to be adequately supported by the natural ground, for example, and if this is not possible extra precautions must be taken. We handle all of this for you during the design process.


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