Glass Edge Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Glass Edge Pools

A popular alternative to the Infinity & Negative Edge style, Glass Blades are generally
more cost effective as they don't require overflow basins.
Admire the view from inside or outside your pool!

Glass Wall Swimming Pools Victoria, Australia

The whole idea behind glass edge pools is to get that negative edge look that is so on trend right now without the need for an overflow basin. One wall will feature a pane of exposed glass on the top, which makes it appear as if the water is being retained by thin air.

Why Glass Edge Pools

  • Affordable alternative to negative edge and infinity pools
  • Enjoy your property’s stunning views from inside the pool
  • Aesthetically pleasing when looking from the outside, into the water
  • Highly durable – will stand the test of time with ease
  • Generally used in out of ground pools, but can also be used in underground walls (where possible)
Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Considerable care is exercised when designing your pool, as the structural integrity of the glass pane and the support walls is integral to its success. Although pretty much anything is possible, glass edge pools do have this one limitation – the walls need to be straight, not curved.