Infinity Pools and Their Advantages

Do you want to transform your property into a five-star oasis? To achieve the tropical resort ambiance, you could plant dozens of palm trees, or you could install an attractive infinity pool. Also known as negative edge, these styles take advantage of a simple optical illusion to create the appearance that the water is flowing endlessly into the distance – something that is truly stunning to behold. However, many people may be under the impression that these pools are only available to luxurious hotels. With the assistance of our experienced team, you too can take advantage of everything that infinity pools have to offer. 

Infinity Pools and Their Advantages

Simply Stunning

Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of infinity pools is their appearance. There is no comparing the feeling of splashing around in a standard inground style with that of gazing into the distance whilst relaxing pool-side. A clever design creates the optical illusion that the water is flowing continuously into the horizon – in fact, the coping is actually set a few millimetres below the water line, leaving the water to spill over into the catchment basin below, before being cycled up into the main shell. The end result is opulent and luxurious, something which is sure to set your home out from the crowd.

Suitable for Slopes

If you have a sloped block, you may be wondering how any design will work within your property, let alone a negative edge style! The good news is that infinity pools are actually far better suited to sloped yards, as less excavating will be required. They also often have beautiful views of the horizon to take advantage of – be it of the neighbourhood below, a lush forest, rural farmland, or even a lake or the ocean!

Sparkling Water

Due to the constant circulation of water, you can expect the water to remain cleaner for longer, without the need for constant skimming of debris. In fact, when infinity pools have been well designed, debris should collect in the catchment basin below, allowing you to quickly and easily empty the filter on a weekly basis or as needed.

Increased Worth

These qualities combine to make a pool that isn’t only attractive to the current homeowner – but to prospective buyers as well! A feature as spectacular as this will set your home out from other properties on the market and may even add thousands to your asking price!  

Adding an infinity style feature to your home may be the best decision you could make for your property. With crystal clear water and stunning views, their simple optical illusion really does create something magical. If you’re considering this option for your home, then we recommend partnering with a team who is experienced in bringing this style to life! At Eco Pools Melbourne, we have recently celebrated our 25th birthday – so you can be sure we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to infinity pools.

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