swimming Pools for Small Areas Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Pools for Small Spaces

Do you have a small or irregular space, that you'd like to squeeze a pool into?
No problem! We have a range of styles that will suit narrow, small and even corner areas.
All of our pools are built using concrete and high quality materials and finishes.

swimming pools for small spaces Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

With backyard sizes seeming to shrink with each passing year, you may not think that you have enough space for a swimming pool. The good news is that there are a variety of unconventional options out there, ensuring that you can cool off during the hot summer no matter the size of your backyard.

Why Pools for Small Areas

  • Lap pools are ideal for long and narrow properties
  • Courtyard pools are ideal for small properties
  • Act as a water feature – add fountains, rockeries and lighting
  • Easy to maintain all year round
  • Take less time (and more affordable) to heat
small pools for small backyards Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

You have just as many options as someone with a larger property. As all of the pools we build are completely customised, we can create one that fits virtually any space. Whether you have a perfectly square court yard or an oddly shaped sliver of lawn, we can build pools for small areas to match.


small swimming pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
compact swimming pool Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
small built in pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
pools for small yards Melbourne, Victoria, Australia