Free Form Natural Pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Free Natural Pools

The addition of a quality built concrete natural swimming pool on your property can increase the value of your home.
Our team uses quality materials to ensure that your new pool lasts a lifetime.
If you're looking for something with curves, or that can fit into an irregular space, a free form pool is the answer.

natural swimming pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The sky’s the limit when it comes to free form natural pools in Melbourne – they are custom built to fit in with the natural environment and can be designed in any shape that you desire. We incorporate rocks, water features and even soft plantings to give your space that natural touch – no two pools will be alike!

Why Free Natural Pools

  • Creates a more natural atmosphere for your property
  • The bigger the better (up to 15m long and 8m wide)
  • Additions can include rockeries, waterfalls, overhanging decks and more
  • Swim-outs and beach areas are popular design features
  • Ideal when you have a lot of space to work with
natural-style swimming pool Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

It should come as no surprise that natural finishes look best when it comes to free natural pools in Melbourne – think pebbles and natural coloured renders for the shell and natural stone (such as slate or limestone) for the coping. Stone pavers and timber decking can make the surrounds feel just as natural.


natural swimming pools Melbourne, Victoria, Australia