How A Pool Builder Can Help Increase The Value Of Your Property

Have you ever considered that the benefits of swimming pool installation go beyond the summer months? Such an installation can improve your lifestyle, as it promotes wellness, relaxation, entertainment, aesthetics and even social development. More importantly, it can affect the value of your home. In this article, we have explained how a pool builder can help you to achieve this.

Swimming pools have long been a part of the Australian lifestyle. In fact, there are approximately 1.2 million of them in backyards around the country! There are lots of reasons why a homeowner chooses such an addition for their property; these may include creating a “staycation” environment, for aquatic therapy, to improve fitness or to increase the value of their home.

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What factors affect the value of pools?

  • Climate – It is always best to build them in areas with a warmer climate, as their use won’t be maximised in colder areas and it will also impose extra costs (such as heating). When you decide to sell up, only a small part of these expenses will be recouped.
  • Local Market – Determine whether houses in your neighbourhood also have pools installed or not. In some instances, buyers actually remove homes with such additions from their lists, which means that you won’t recoup all of the costs you’re hoping to.
  • Kids & Teens – If you have young or teenage children, these installations could be a fantastic investment. This is the sort of demographic that is likely to get the most use out of it, as they’ll spend their summer holidays splashing around in the water.
  • Higher End Neighbourhoods – On the other hand, if you live in an upscale neighbourhood, there’s a better chance of recouping your investment when it comes time to sell. Buyers aiming for wealthy neighbourhoods are more likely to want luxury touches.

Does the design bring any value?
In short, the answer is yes. Above ground is the most affordable option, but it should be noted that they have very little contribution to increasing the value of your property. Inground pools, on the other hand, are the more expensive option (especially if you opt for concrete) but it has been suggested that they are likely to add up to 5% value to your home (this figure may vary).

Do the building costs have any effect?
The cost of employing a pool builder to complete the project can also have an effect on its overall value. The more expensive the installation is, the less chances you have of recouping your costs. Things that can affect building costs include: site access, ground and soil conditions, size and shape of the shell, additional features (such as lighting and fencing), and the quality of the products.

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